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Meet The Attorney
Sybil-Yvonne Burrell is a California probate and trust attorney, providing professional, efficient legal representation to clients throughout Southern California. Practicing exclusively in trust and probate matters, Sybil tailors her representation to the needs of each case and client. 

Sybil's  Commitment
Sybil treats each client with respect, compassion, and courtesy. She makes every effort to keep clients informed  about their matters, clear about their choices and responsibilities, and satisfied with the progress of their cases.

Sybil's Record
With years of probate and trust administration experience and many satisfied clients, Sybil delivers consistent, effective representation in a way clients deserve, understand and appreciate.  She helps clients tackle and manage the complexities and technicalities inherent in the administration process with greater ease and efficiency.


Sybil-Yvonne Burrell
Attorney at Law
250 East 1st Street, Suite 1103

Los Angeles, California 90012

Telephone: (213) 572-3700
Facsimile: (213) 234-4561



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